Kuwala Christian Girls School
Kuwala students carrying seedlings for planting just outside the greenhouse

The seasonal rain comes, painting the land a shade of green.

It’s the rainy season in Malawi, and the campus is turning lush and green. It is the perfect time for outdoor tree planting. Every girl will participate in this work to appreciate the trees and the environment.

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It’s the time of year to give and receive thanks.

Christmas is almost here, and it’s the time of the year Kuwala gives back to the neighbouring community, especially the elderly. Memory spoke at the campus, and the elders received a bit of love, a hamper filled with rice, a loaf of bread, and some brown sugar. An act of kindness in these times significantly impacts someone lonely this year. So let’s continue to teach others how to give. Thank you to Memory’s team for working diligently to assemble the hampers.

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International Day of the Girl Child.

October 11th, 2021

Did you know the United Nations General Assembly declared October 11 as International Day of the Girl Child? This day of celebration brings attention to the purpose of education, healthcare and learning opportunities for young girls. The theme for 2021 is Digital generation. Our generation.

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Preparing for a final year with a strong focus on learning.

Our students and teachers are working hard, even on evenings and weekends, to finish this year strong. At the end of next year, our present group of 60 girls will be writing National Exams. The focus is study, practice exams and English learning — the most critical and challenging component of the National Exam.

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Kuwala Going Mobile with student on the back of the parent's motorbike

Goin’ home, going mobile.

The girls are off to their homes for a two-week break with the expectation that they focus daily on a two-hour study time. They will have school work, and there is an opportunity to connect with other girls in their village, compare and share what they have learned, and exchange ideas. Parents arrive on motorbikes to pick up their daughters, who are excited to go home for the break. The motorbike is the mode of transportation in Malawi.

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