Kuwala Christian Girls School
Image of McSensio Family

A return to a lifestyle of learning

As the students settled into a comfortable rhythm of classwork and dorm living on the Kuwala campus, so too did acting Headmaster McSensio Raphael and his family. After moving into the staff house, the family connected with friends and a church in the area. Their youngest daughter in Grade 3 will be attending the Pre-School not far from Kuwala.

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Image of Kuwala teacher with students

No mask… No class.

Just as our students in Canada were heading back to school, so were the students at Kuwala Christian Girls School. The girls were excited to get back to learning and community at Kuwala. To start the school off, each student received a letter of encouragement from Canada. The students at Kuwala started with masks in hand on September 7, allowing additional time to review and settle in before regular schools officially open on October 12.

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Hope and determination lives here at Kuwala.

During the world pandemic, one of the greatest fears of the girls and their parents at Kuwala Christian Girls School is that they may never be able to return to school. They do not have consistent access to cell phones, television and media reports to update them on the situation in their village, let alone the rest of the world. The girls are concerned about their education and their future. Malawi is one of the world’s poorest countries; there is no safety net for these girls. Kuwala is staying in contact with the girls throughout the pandemic and encouraging them to stay positive.

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