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Kuwala students carrying seedlings for planting just outside the greenhouse
| Written by: Kuwala Publications Team

The seasonal rain comes, painting the land a shade of green.

It’s the rainy season in Malawi, and the campus is turning lush and green. It is the perfect time for outdoor tree planting. Every girl will participate in this work to appreciate the trees and the environment.

Chief Chigwasa is planting tree in nearby village. Kuwala_2021

Reaching out to the community.

As part of the school’s Community Outreach, the students will be traveling to 3 surrounding villages to plant a small plot of trees in each village. The green landscape and the canopy of shade that the trees bring to the campus are remarkable. Kuwala will be sharing these tree plantings in surrounding villages and educating on the importance of nurturing and caring for the trees.

Welcoming new Student and Teachers

Kuwala students in front of Classroom block.
Form 3 class of 2022, Kuwala.

Kuwala is excited to welcome the new Form 1, 2, and 3 students to the campus in January! The girls arrived in time for an orientation of the campus and temporarily moved to shared spaces with the Form 4 students. The entire world is facing pandemic challenges, and Kuwala is no different. Resources are shared, plans and schedules are adjusted to accommodate the many demands arising from the pandemic. 

Kuwala's teaching staff in front of classroom block surrounded by lush greenery.
The school doesn’t work without the dedication of our Teachers. Kuwala_2022 teaching staff.

The new group of girls moved into the second hostel, and although the bunk beds had not arrived, comfortable mattresses and warm blankets did! Many of the girls are excited to be experiencing running water and flushing toilets for the first time. While their uniforms and desks have not yet arrived, the teachers began classes and are excited to be off to a great start. Settling in is always exciting, and we have to keep in mind that these girls come from humble beginnings with room to grow, learn, expand, and adjust. Albeit, these are essential life skills that develop patience and appreciation; these new students are grateful for this opportunity. For the Form 4 students, this is a hectic academic year, as they will be writing National Exams and graduating from Kuwala!

In her own words, this is the story of Jessy…

Kuwala student: Jessy, class of 2022

There are five children in my family; I am the firstborn and the only one who attends secondary school. My brothers and sisters are not going to school because of the school fees. The computer lessons had helped me because, before Kuwala, I did not know computers or even the computer structure. I have learned a lot of things, and my life is changed.
I can use computer PowerPoint, Excel, word processor, play music and videos. Outside the classroom, I participate in playing netball and football.

Jessy remains active in planting trees around the campus. These trees in a few years will be several metres tall and will frame St. Peter’s Assembly Hall.

In her own words, this is the story of Alice…

I have a brother and three sisters. I want to progress to University and be competent, hence having the ability to help my family. My family was so much happy, surprisingly. I’m the first girl who has that chance
of going to an excellent secondary school than all the rest of my siblings. My favourite learning activities are Math, English, Computer Skills and planting trees. I enjoy living on campus because I mostly eat healthier food
than what we used to have at home. For example, at Kuwala we eat five times per day: breakfast, tea break, lunch, 4 o’clock tea, and supper. I enjoy attending storytelling sessions because it improves my vocabulary, acting, and listening to music. I like planting trees because it’s one way of making Kuwala, as a school, look beautiful in the future as the trees grow.

In the future, I see myself owning a small business that may grow bigger little by little.

I will help my family with my education and change the life status of my family.

Some of the new teachers & staff

Our new teacher, Ms. Shira Bongera helping out in the Community Outreach Program planting trees in the village. Kuwala_2022

The Teachers’ area of focus:

  • Dan E. Phiri teaches Computer Studies, Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics;
  • Peter Chilenje teaches English and Geography;
  • Christina Mkumbwa teaches Bible Knowledge, Social Studies, Life Skills and History;
  • Shira Bongera teaches Agriculture, Biology, Chemistry and Physics;
  • Bridget Bester is the school Nurse in the Clinic at Kuwala; and
  • Samantha Nyirenda is the news stores clerk at Kuwala.

Our education stream is consistent with the National Malawian School curriculum with all students participating in the National exams required to achieve passing grades. Kuwala teachers are all Malawian certified teachers, qualified to deliver these Forms of the curriculum.

Infrastructure update

The greenscaping of the St. Peter’s Assembly Hall. Students and teachers are taking an active role in planting trees. Kuwala_2022

The two temporary classrooms went up in St. Peter’s Assembly Hall, still allowing ample room for foodservice and dining. The kitchen gas appliances are running, and the cooks are preparing meals every day for twice as many students and staff. The staff are feeling good about the space and the ease and efficiency of cooking over a gas stove. There is no more need for chopping and storing wood, preparing hours in advance to get a wood oven ready. In the photos, you will notice that the grounds have new fencing around key buildings such as St. Peter’s Assembly Hall to keep the pathways marked. This gives the newly planted landscape a chance to grow strong roots without the added foot traffic.

Second Staff house with steel trusses. Kuwala_2022
New Form 2 students in the temporary classrooms (St. Peter’s Assembly Hall). Classroom block N0.2 construction will start this year. Kuwala_2022.

Village life

Most of Malawi is sprinkled with thousands of small villages. Houses are often clay or brick with thatched (tin, if they can afford it) roofs.

The local village came out to plant trees in the surrounding area with the help of Kuwala students and teachers_2022.

Malawi is widely known as the “Warm Heart of Africa” because of the generosity and kindness of its people. With a predominantly rural population of more than 18 million people, Malawi is comprised of friendly tribes and ethnic groups living in traditional villages.  

On a visit to one of these villages, you would see women wearing the traditional colourful saronglike wraps, called Chitenjes. Women wear as many as three of these versatile wraps at a time, using them as skirts, headdresses, aprons, or to carry infants on their backs while shopping, carrying water, or working in the garden.

Special mention

Kuwala Christian Girls School is excited to be recognized and thankful for winning a $5000 donation from the Aligned Insurance Giving Generously Charity Campaign 2021.

Kuwala was short-listed and nominated as one of 49 Canadian charities eligible through the Aligned Social Responsibility program called, “Giving Generously.” In December, Aligned Insurance profiled these charities on their social media channels to support this great work! The record response and interest show how much help current Canadian Charities need, especially during this pandemic. Despite Covid, Kuwala continues to grow and prosper. 

Thank you, Aligned Insurance for your donation in support of the Giving Generously Program.

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