Kuwala Christian Girls School
| Written by: Leslie Kinzel

International Day of the Girl Child.

October 11th, 2021

Did you know the United Nations General Assembly declared October 11 as International Day of the Girl Child? This day of celebration brings attention to the purpose of education, healthcare and learning opportunities for young girls. The theme for 2021 is Digital generation. Our generation.

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Kuwala students in the computer lab studying on laptops.
In 2021 the campus has embraced the digital transformation. Kuwala_2021

Kuwala is moving in that direction with computers in the classrooms and the presentation of educational programs on the large TV in St Peter’s Assembly Hall. The students are learning to become comfortable with and navigate technology to impact their generation and their world. We have mentioned before in other newsletters that a computer per student is rare in high school in Malawi.

Corporate donations of powerful laptops have significantly impacted each girl with a computer to aid in their education. Many Canadian companies replace computers on a 3 to 5-year cycle, and with a little refurnishing before shipping, these are excellent computers for aiding in learning. Computers are a depreciating asset in Canada, but these are seen as a luxury in Malawi, not easily attained. When Canadians come together, we can help bring real change to these students.

Kuwala is truly embracing the International Day of the Girl Child and the theme of the 2021 campaign of the digital generation. All children need to have equal access to technology and the right to quality education.  

A month for Thanksgiving.

Kuwala students helped craft a large personalized thank you card for the sponsors back in Canada.
Warm greetings and a special thank you from the girls at Kuwala_2021.

Kuwala is changing the lives of so many students. The girls are getting an education and are learning to appreciate the quality of life that an education can provide for them; they are learning to stand up for themselves. They are learning to speak up, gain confidence and knowledge about who they are and the potential of what they can become. They are putting off marriage and children until much later; this will significantly change the fabric of their communities. 

Students crafting the large thank you card for Canada.
Getting to to work with the larger than life thank you card for sponsors. Kuwala_2021

Kuwala is grateful for all our sponsors and donors. Sponsorship changes lives and builds futures for generations to come. \

Meet Emelester, Kuwala Student.

Kuwala Student Emelester in the library
Emelester in the library. Kuwala_2021

In her own words…

I have two siblings, my brother and me. It was my childhood dream to learn new things, which may make me achieve the goal; I desire to go to University and be independent in the future. I was happy and excited to go to Kuwala, so too my family members were proud of me. I saw myself becoming the most significant person in my society. Science projects are my favourite because they help me think deeply and find other ways of doing things in my life instead of using ordinary things. They like using the showers, flush toilets and the best meals in the cafeteria. I see myself becoming a lawyer. I am motivating other people’s children in the family to love school.

Emelester watering a tree in the orchard.
Emelester in the orchard watering and caring for the trees. Kuwala_2021

I enjoy sporting activities because they strengthen my body. Chess makes me think deeply and fast, and planting trees makes me feel happy because they give fresh air and make our campus more beautiful and a great learning place. My hobbies are reading about the backgrounds of things and making poems.

A testimonial from Marion and Roxana, sponsors for Emelester:

The story of Kuwala Christian Girls school touched us as a tangible way to make a difference in the life of a young girl who might not have the opportunity without our assistance. It can be a struggle to know how to help, but we trust the school to understand how to do that well and culturally appropriately. Since we feel God has richly blessed us, we want to be a blessing to others. Emelester is one person we can impact in this way, and it is our joy to share the journey with her.

Tomatoes in Malawi.

Interior is 5x the size of the original and the tomatoes are just past the seedling size.
Tomatoes growing inside the new second greenhouse. Kuwala_2021

Tomatoes are grown throughout Malawi and are presently one of the largest crops in the Greenhouse at Kuwala. Tomatoes can be grown year-round and typically take only 90 days to mature. They are a prosperous source of nutrients and provide a staple in the Malawian diet.

The greenhouse exterior is designed to withstand African weather and to reduce the intensity of the sun during the summer.
The second greenhouse is nearly 5 times as large as the first greenhouse and constructed with metal trusses and supports. Materials of construction and labour were sourced locally. Kuwala_2021

The Greenhouse will grow a significant crop of tomatoes this year. With the new kitchen equipment arriving for the St Peter’s Assembly Hall, Kuwala can consider processing many tomatoes in recipes throughout the year. Tomato paste for sauces, roasted tomatoes with salt and fresh crushed tomatoes. 

A trip to Queen Savannah Beach.

Kuwala girls laying at the water's edge at Savannah Beach.
Hamming it up at Savannah Beach in Lake Malawi. Kuwala_2021

During the extreme heat in Malawi, the girls had an opportunity to take a break from study and enjoy a bus trip along the Lakeshore in Senga Bay near Salima town.

Student visiting a local fruit stand on the way to Savannah Beach.
Visiting the local market. Kuwala_2021

The girls had a chance to stop for snacks at a local market before heading to the fresh waters of Lake Malawi. The teachers taught instruction on how to be safe at the Lake and in the water. The trip ended with a group lunch and photos. The girls made many beautiful memories; field trips provided a different and engaging learning opportunity and a bonding time with teachers and classmates. 

Improving their English during Debate Club.

The debating club gathering in a circle seating down.
The circle of influence. Kuwala_2021

English is one of the more challenging subjects for the girls and the most important to master to pass the National Exams and complete their secondary education and Graduate. Another creative way the teachers are teaching English is through a Debate Club.

Green and red debating teams showing off their ‘dressed for success’ uniforms. Kuwala_2021

The girls have to think and respond in open-ended discussions, sharpening their skills and vocabulary.

Keeping Kuwala safe and secure. At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security.

Outdoor class with Security Staff going over basic protocols with the students_Kuwala2021.

While the goal might be simple, how we get there requires planning and a sharing of ideas. The security staff continued to train and meet the teachers, ground workers, and students. Everyone had an opportunity to discuss their roles at Kuwala and get to know each other. 

Great teamwork. 

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