Kuwala Christian Girls School
Students showing a Canadian flag as the metaphoric symbol of the Canadian and Malawian partnership.

Canada celebrates the partnership with Malawi

This month we are celebrating our partnership between the Canadian and Malawian boards. By working together, we are building strong futures for the Kuwala students. We also want to thank our donors for allowing the work to continue and for sponsoring the next cohort of students in the fall of 2022.

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Kuwala Student with Mother balancing suitcase on her head outside.

School’s out.

The National Day of the African Child was June 16th, the same day the Canadian Board of Kuwala Christian Girls School held their first in-person 2021 Annual General Meeting. The Canadian Board presented an overview of the 2021 year. In addition, the Directors summarized the growth and progress of the campus and the student’s leave for a break.

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Mastering English at Kuwala

Mastering the English language is necessary for success. English is considered the most important subject on the National Exam in Malawi. For students in Malawi to have the opportunity to consider University, they must have strong English language skills.

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We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children

Native American Proverb.

Kuwala students learn every day about planting, growing and greening their campus and their community. The greenhouse tomatoes, lettuces and garden vegetables are maturing and will result in a plentiful harvest. Kuwala continues to plant trees, and the students care for them. Check out the growth of a seedling planted this spring to the trees that have become so dense over the last five years.

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Two Kuwala students singing in their school uniforms

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day, celebrated globally on March 8th, is dedicated to reflecting on the achievements of ordinary women who have made an extraordinary impact in their countries and communities. 

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