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Two Kuwala students singing in their school uniforms
| Written by: Kuwala Publications Team

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day, celebrated globally on March 8th, is dedicated to reflecting on the achievements of ordinary women who have made an extraordinary impact in their countries and communities. 

Kuwala student Olive reading a scripture to the class
Form 4 Student, Olive reading scriptures on International Women’s Day , Kuwala_2022. 

At Kuwala, International Women’s Day 2022 theme was #breakthebias. The teachers used the theme to empower the young women to use their potential to become engaged learners, and independent thinkers. Part of the theme is to teach compassion and to give back to others to strengthen community bonds.

Malawi Minister of Gender, Community, and Social Welfare Patricia Kaliati seating at a desk showing a fist pump.
Source Malawi Minister, Patricia Kaliati: 

Malawi Minister of Gender, Community Development and Social Welfare Patricia Kaliati said the issue of women in leadership must extend from politics to any other aspect of power and influence in society.

“We need not only to have women in political positions, but rather in all other levels ranging from the household, community to the national level. We must identify and remove cultural barriers, financial barriers, norms, and beliefs that hinder women from having their leadership positions. We need to educate our women and empower them economically so that they may attain positions and be able to support themselves and their children,” she said.

Uniforms + desks + beds are basic starts to a bright future.

Our newest group of students have received their new uniforms! An inspiring day. The uniform allows every girl to look at one another and see the face of a friend, a student just like them, striving to achieve the best of their potential. This is a proud moment.

Hand made wooden desks with hinged open deck
Hand-made student desks and chairs from the Kuwala team_2022.

New desks and bunk beds arrived on campus. Our team in Malawi built these items and are more durable and sturdier in their construction; and, more importantly made locally.

Two Kuwala girls setting on new mattress and bunk bed
New hand-crafted, locally made—bunk beds shown with hanging mosquito netting, Kuwala_2022.

In the above image, you may have noticed the mosquito netting to keep the girls safe from Malaria. In Malawi, mosquito-borne disease Malaria is a life-threatening disease caused by parasites transmitted to people through the bites of infected female mosquitoes. In Malawi, Malaria is among the three most significant public health issues. Nearly 4 million people are diagnosed with the infection every year. Malawi accounts for 2% of malaria cases worldwide and is among the top 15 countries with a high malaria burden.


Student profile

Meet Olive, in her own words…

Student Olive outside classroom block
Olive, Form 4 Student, Kuwala_2022 

I come from a family with one sister. My parents and even my relatives are happy. My dream was to go to secondary school on a scholarship. Kuwala is the only school that teaches Christian morals. I like to learn computer skills, and I would like to go to university to become a lawyer. I enjoyed Christmas dinner at the end of the year. At this event, the best students receive awards. Storytelling sessions help to increase my thinking capability. I like reading and writing stories. 

Teacher profile

Meet, Mr. Dan E. Phiri, in his own words…

Mr Dan Phiri outside classroom block number 1.
Mr. Dan Phiri, Computer Studies and Chemistry Teacher. Kuwala_2022.

I am a Christian, teaching Mathematics, Computer Studies, Chemistry and coach football. I grew up in Southern Malawi and completed my Bachelor of Mathematical Science Studies at the Polytechnic, majoring in Computing and Statistics. I am glad to work at Kuwala because it meets my vision. I always want to change somebody’s future by offering the best expertise, despite their background or current status. I always dream of being ahead of where I was yesterday. Most learners have adapted to the Kuwala community, which gives a descriptive, hardworking, God-spirit. There is potential in these learners, and I have noted, with great pleasure, the willingness for them to achieve. However, discipline is paramount, Christian spirit is necessary, and hard work is essential. 

Infrastructure update

Students in class and using the St. Peter's Assembly Hall for a temporary space.
Temporary classroom setup in St. Peter’s Assembly Hall while classroom block number 2 is under construction, Kuwala_2022.
Sweet potatoes planted on the terrace

Sweet potatoes planted on the terrace helps drain runoff water from classblock. Kuwala_2022. 

The greenhouse is thriving, and tomatoes are growing! Also, the outdoor gardens along the path grow an abundance of sweet potatoes. 

The St. Peter’s Assembly Hall consistently hosts activities. In addition, the students and staff participate in Sunday worship services.

Volleyball netting in field
The area has temporarily been used as a volleyball ground. Kuwala_2022. 

Kuwala will soon order soccer field equipment as the lawns continue to grow lush during the rainy season. In the meantime, a temporary volleyball court provides a schedule of activities to keep the girls active. 

Student essay

By Tiyanjane, Kuwala Form 4 Student  In her own words…

Kuwala's Tiyanjane outside of classroom block
Tiyanjane portrait, Kuwala_2022 

Girls’ education is very fundamental if communities in developing nations like Malawi are to progress. Since the turn of the 1990s there have been calls for promotion of girls’ education by world leaders. Such was the understanding as it was felt that the world’s challenges could not be addressed in their entirety without the critical role played by educated women. 

First, it cannot be overemphasized that educating a girl child is educating the whole nation. An educated girl is a linchpin to many educated children. An educated girl encourages her children to go to school. These children are motivated to be educated just like their mother is. In the end, there will be many educated children who will, in turn, be the right tools for expediting future development especially in developing countries. More importantly, educating a girl child reduces the practice of prostitution. Educated girls spend most of their time in school. The sex trade leads to the spread of sexually transmitted infections like HIV and AIDS, hepatitis among others. 

Secondly, it is worth recognizing that girls’ education helps eradicate early marriages. If many girls are in school, the number of young girls who resort to getting into early marriages will decrease. Therefore, girls’ education is a tool that is being promoted to deal with the problem of early marriages in many poor communities in Malawi. 

Thirdly, educating a girl child leads to development due to the presence of many role models. Educated girls act as role models in various communities. These role models inspire others to work hard to become role models too. As a result, communities with a great proportion of educated girls reap the fruits of development as the girls contribute in one way or another to their communities’ development. 

In the final analysis, it should be appreciated that girls’ education is very important in today’s society. 

Building a future, construction update

Workers working on the footings for the foundation
Foundation, footing installation-second classroom block, Kuwala_2022. 

Great progress is being made on our second staff house for the long-term sustainability strategy of retaining and attracting the best teachers. With our recent large donation, the second classroom block foundation has been excavated and concrete is being poured for the footings. 

Exterior of second staff house. Steel roof is complete house shown with missing windows
Second staff house exterior construction, Kuwala_2022. 

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