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Students showing a Canadian flag as the metaphoric symbol of the Canadian and Malawian partnership.
| Written by: Kuwala Publications Team

Canada celebrates the partnership with Malawi

This month we are celebrating our partnership between the Canadian and Malawian boards. By working together, we are building strong futures for the Kuwala students. We also want to thank our donors for allowing the work to continue and for sponsoring the next cohort of students in the fall of 2022.

A memorable education field trip was planned for the first group of students graduating this year. The Form 4 class went to the Chitedze Research Station in Malawi. The Research Station conducts various experiments and trials on new crop varieties. It develops new strategies for controlling field pests and diseases.

Students visit a typical livestock farm in a Malawi village. Kuwala_2022

The topics covered include biotechnology, livestock and crop improvement in agriculture. All require understanding the germ-sperms and genetic makeup of the animals and crops so they can be manipulated into improved varieties and breeds. In addition, these topics show the concepts of genetics being applied in real life. First, students must participate in the identification of crops and animals that need to be improved according to their phenotype, appearance, and germ-sperm composition. Then, brainstorming takes place to determine the best activities to improve the crop and animal appearances. The students are also oriented on some field and laboratory work done by the center’s research experts.

Back at Kuwala, the students participated in a series of mock chemistry practical exams to prepare them for what to expect in the National Exams.

Students prepare for mock exams by doing practical chemistry experiments. Kuwala_2022

Student candidates’ entrance exam event

Kuwala Christian Girls School held an entrance examination for the next cohort of girls to join the Form One class this fall 2022 – 2023 academic year. The school’s catchment has almost fifteen primary school zones, each with nearly eleven primary schools. Kuwala has at least one hundred local primary schools from which the student candidates are drawn. Kuwala’s strategy is to pick girls from different villages to have the most significant future social impact by building local female leadership capacity.

600 student candidates from surrounding villages flocked to the campus by 8:00 am. Kuwala_2022

Kuwala anticipated and prepared for the same number of girls attending this year due to a broad sensitization to local trading centers, church gatherings, and even the surrounding primary schools. The girls arrive around 08:00 at the school campus. They are checked at the school’s main gate for signs of Covid–19 before allowing them to enter the campus. They are welcomed and briefed about the objectives and vision statement of Kuwala Christian Girls School by the School’s Director and Headteacher in the St. Peter’s Assembly Hall. After registration, the examination papers are distributed and explained; they cover English, mathematics, science and technology and the exam lasts for two hours. Phases of exams take place due to the vast turnout of 600 girls.

Student candidates in St. Peter’s Assembly Hall listen to the entrance exam instructions. Kuwala_2022

Once the results are out for the written entrance examinations, some students are selected for oral interviews organized by the school director. Through the oral interviews, the students identified who are in the most deserving situation for sponsorship for their secondary education.

The final list of the selected students involves only those girls who performed well during the written entrance examinations. And have touching family stories with struggling socio-economic family affairs learned and verified through the oral interviews.

Student profile.

Meet Mervis – a Form 4 student

Mervis, Form 4 Student, Kuwala_circa_2021 

In her own words…

Meet Mervis  I have one sister and I am the first girl in my family to attend secondary school. I am so happy about the school uniforms and sleeping in a hostel on my bed. I enjoy math, English, and practical computer lessons. I see myself becoming a nurse. The sporting activities at Kuwala keep me physically fit, the community service keeps our surroundings clean, and we learn about agriculture. In addition, I enjoy reading novels and creating stories.

To read Mervis’s essay on the “importance of having good friendships with fellow students and peers at Kuwala,” click on the link below to read the print version.

Teacher Profile.

Meet teacher Fanuel Chingagwe

Mr. Fanuel Chingagwe, Teacher. Kuwala_2022.

In his own words…

I am a Christian teacher of computer studies, mathematics, and also an examination officer. I went to University to pursue a Bachelor of Science, majoring in mathematics and minoring in computers. Kuwala is a good place for both teachers and learners.

Mr. Chingagwe in action teaching practical computer skills. Kuwala_2022.

I have learned the spirit of hard work. The girls grow up with potential and are encouraged to participate in different activities. The teachers at Kuwala are experienced and dedicated to their work. In addition, there are enough resources, including computers, for the girls to receive a quality education.

Kuwala continues to build in July

The campus now includes 13 acres of farmland next to the school property line. The plan is to begin the agricultural practice by this September.

The newly purchased farmland is located at the top of the triangle. It will be home to a new organic farm where produce and chickens will be raised to help the campus become more self-sufficient in growing its food. Excess production will be sold at the local market.
Innocent Mpasula, Kuwala’s Farm Supervisor. This is just another example of how the campus impacts the community by creating jobs. Kuwala_2022

Kuwala welcomes Innocent Mpasula, the newly hired Farm Supervisor. Innocent has a diploma in Agriculture and has been an entrepreneur running banana nurseries. The long-range plan for the farm is to include perennial fruit crops such as bananas, mango, guava, oranges and papaya; annual crops such as corn, beans, peas and other vegetables such as lettuces and cabbages. There will also be a section for raising chickens. More exciting stories to come as this Kuwala Farm begins to grow. 

As Kuwala moves towards incorporating more solar power on campus, a new powerhouse has been built. This building will contain the solar battery and the switch gear technology to change from electrical grid to solar power when necessary. There is a flurry of construction projects under completion at Kuwala. The second staff house will be occupied the first week of August and is designed and finished with two bedrooms, a kitchen, a standard shower and bathroom, and a living room with plenty of storage. The first staff duplex is 70% complete and will house two teachers. Each duplex is designed as a residence, including two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, and storage space. 

The second classroom block exterior wall are rising! Construction detail shows door frames and brick and mortar installation. Kuwala_2022.

The second classroom block measures 24m x 12m and is designed with three rooms, and storage. In addition to the first classroom block of three classrooms, this second classroom block will use two of the rooms for classrooms to complete the teaching areas for each of the four Forms. The third room will become a laboratory. The expected completion for this second classroom block is September 2022.

Second staff duplex housing exterior walls are almost complete. Staff housing is part of Kuwala’s long-term strategy to hire and retain the best teachers. Kuwala_2022.

The Kuwala campus is robust with impressive permanent buildings, lush vegetation, gardens and trees. The smiling faces of the students, teachers, and staff whose lives are being changed are becoming brighter every day! The future shines bright for Kuwala.

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