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Kuwala Student with Mother balancing suitcase on her head outside.
| Written by: Kuwala Publications Team

School’s out.

The National Day of the African Child was June 16th, the same day the Canadian Board of Kuwala Christian Girls School held their first in-person 2021 Annual General Meeting. The Canadian Board presented an overview of the 2021 year. In addition, the Directors summarized the growth and progress of the campus and the student’s leave for a break.

Copy of the Annual Report and financial statement is available on the website. Kuwala_2022. 

Pre-recorded messages from Canadian and Malawi Board Members were added to the Annual Report as download links for those unable to attend. This included a heartfelt note of thanks from Tisangalale, a Form 4 student graduating this year from Kuwala. Watch for the email coming soon with the link that will provide highlights of the 2021 AGM presentation and video messages from our team in Malawi. Right now… you can go to the website at to view the 2021 Annual Report. You can find it by clicking on the plus [+] icon on the operations tab at the top of the home page.

Organized Chaos! Girls heading home for a break.

Kuwala students waiting for their parents to arrive for the school break. Kuwala_2022

The students were excited to take a break and go home for two weeks to visit their families. They had the opportunity to review their progress reports with their teachers and then take them home to check with their parents. The parents come from near and far on many different modes of transportation to meet their daughters and teachers. It is the final break before National Exams for Form 2 and Form 4. The Headmaster at Kuwala says the girls are very prepared and have worked hard through many mock exams to understand what will be expected when they write the final exams.

Community work continued in June with a field trip to a nearby village where the students planted trees earlier. The time has come for weeding and building up a fire break around the trees. The fire break is a mound of debris piled up in a circle around the trees that would catch fire first before it had a chance to burn the trees. The wife of the village chief thanked the girls for coming to plant trees in her village because as they grow, they will protect the village from strong winds.

The school nurse continues to provide wellness checks with the students and takes time to educate them on cleanliness in their rooms, personal hygiene, and the surrounding Kuwala campus. She also has been providing support for their mental well-being. With the addition of the new students, the Nurse works full-time and is on campus Monday to Friday.

Student profile.

Meet Takondwa – a Form 4 student

Takondwa is a 4th Form student photographed outside classroom block one.
Takondwa, Form 4 Student, Kuwala_2021 

I am the only girl in my family, and the first girl in my family to go to secondary school. I have three brothers. My parents and I were so excited to find out that Kuwala was a scholarship school; otherwise, I may not have been able to continue my education. I am happy to attend an all-girls boarding school as I aim to study and become an Extension Agent and work in agriculture.

I enjoy planting trees, mathematics and science projects, especially for agriculture, crop production and animal production. I care for the environment and enjoy watching and playing with different animals, so I should know their behaviour. This study and practice will help me achieve my goal for my future.

I enjoy living on campus because of the delicious food my parents could not afford, safe drinking water from a tap and safe bathing water from the shower.

I also enjoy attending church service and should
remember God in everything because the Creator is the one who chose to help me in my receive my education.

A day in the life of a Kuwala student on the week end.

Kuwala students inside St. Peter's Assembly Hall on Sunday singing a hymn.
Sunday hymns. Kuwala_2022

Takondwa wrote an essay about what life is like at Kuwala on the weekend. The girls enjoy a wonderful experience living on campus. Not only can they focus on their dreams of a better future, but they can also build a strong supportive community and lasting friendships.

In her own words… I want to write about the activities which take place on weekends in a student’s life at Kuwala.

5:00 am START

On Saturday, a student wakes up at 5: OO am, studies for an hour, and helps clean classrooms and the dining hall with her fellow students.

8:00 am

After a quick washup, students head to the Cafeteria for breakfast. Then, she looks at her timetable to see the subject she will study at that particular time. Sometimes the student is involved in a learning session when a teacher comes to organize a specific class with students. In the morning, the students are often asked to do community work involving planting trees and grasses.

12:00 noon

Lunch is always a special event; students head to the Cafeteria and discuss the morning’s successes. After lunch and a bit of rest, around 1:00 pm, students head to their classroom assignments.

3:00 pm

The student observes time for sports and physical activity. For example, students change into their sports attire to participate in physical activities such as football.

5:00 pm

After cleaning up and a quick shower, students head to St. Peter’s Assembly Hall for dinner and entertainment to watch movies using the large widescreen TV.

Sundays are a break in routine.

Padding rice is served at the cafeteria and the girls head to church around 7:30 am. While the students have free time on Sunday, many spend time studying.

Teacher Profile.

Meet Teacher Michael Zulu

Mr. Michael Zulu, Teacher. Kuwala_2022.

I am a Christian and teach Physics and Chemistry. I am also the Patron of the Science club, a teacher of sports activities and on the examination team. My parents raised me, and after secondary school, I joined Mzuzu University to pursue a Bachelor of Science (Education) majoring in Physics and Mathematics. I am now a graduate of Sciences degree. Kuwala provides for the progression of education for teachers and students. The student’s ethic is based on Christian values of hard work. Kuwala is a good role model as it encourages students to widen their futures to various careers, not only becoming a teacher or nurse but also a citizen who can spread the word of God to other people. A girl present at Kuwala is a privilege; parents must appreciate the quality education girls are receiving academically, physically and spiritually.

Construction update.

Construction of water drain around the foundation of the second hostel. Kuwala_2022

The walls are going up on the second classroom block, which will feature three classroom spaces. It will complete the required teaching space for Forms 1-4.

Second staff house windows and door installation. Kuwala_2022
Second staff house, drop ceiling framing installation. The roof and truss are all-metal construction. Kuwala_2022

The second staff house windows and doors are being installed. The trees surrounding the campus housing provide shelter and protection for the living spaces. The walls are going up on the first duplex. And, our newest construction of the duplex is starting to take shape and will accommodate living space for two additional teachers and their families..

Water drainage was completed around the new second hostel; this will divert water from the building during the rainy season.

Community outreach.

The photo below is the house of the village Headman near Kuwala in a village called, Likango. His house was damaged by strong winds and heavy rainfall earlier this year. Note: the Headman’s house is built better than most using tin for the roof, and brick for the walls. Most houses have thatched roofs and there are few modern conveniences. 

The house of the village headman was damaged because of strong wind and heavy rainfall earlier in the year. Village: Likango. Kuwala_2022

Kuwala is active in the ongoing Community outreach program and recently visited the village of Likango to weed and care for the trees that were planted previously by the students.

Kuwala students heading to the local village of Likango to help with weeding and caring for the trees. Photo was taken just outside the Kuwala campus. Notice the Canadian flag! Kuwala_2022.

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