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Students in celebration throwing their graduation Form 4 hats in the air
| Written by: Kuwala Publications Team

The first cohort of 60 students graduate!

On Saturday, August 13, 2022, Kuwala Christian Girls School celebrated Graduation for the first class of 60! It was a Farewell Celebration for the girls, who will continue to study for their National Exams on August 30. The ceremony took place on the newly constructed football and netball grounds.

Each of the girls was allowed to invite two from their families. Many parents, guardians, Kuwala Christian Girls School board members and community members from around Kuwala attended. Families shared many hugs, cheers and even a few tears for their daughter’s achievements. The girls have worked hard and matured over the last four years. The students enacted a “career talk” drama on how they will move forward after Kuwala. In addition, there were singing and drama presentations, showcasing the many areas of learning. Every student received a certificate of attendance, with a few girls selected to receive recognition awards for performance in academics and discipline.

Graduating class of 2022 with Henry and Memory Mdyetseni-centre, Kuwala Malawian Board of Directors. Kuwala_2022. 

After the processional of the graduates, honoured guests and an opening prayer; the program included the singing of both the Malawi and Canada National Anthems.

Reverend Chikakula, a prominent public figure in Malawi, delivered the devotion. Headgirl, Beatrice, gave thanks for the opportunity to receive a high-quality education and urged her fellow students to work tirelessly to produce good quality results at the national exams. Acting Head Teacher, Mr. Noel Maganga, praised the girls for their hard work and focus.

Kuwala students outside singing.
Graduating students performing. Kuwala_2022. 

There were also speeches from a representative of the school’s PTA, the newly formed group involving parents and teachers of Kuwala. Esther Kawale, a Director on the Kuwala Malawian Board, delivered congratulatory remarks to the graduates. Likewise, Martha Chizuma, a practicing lawyer and a high court judge serving as the Director of the Anti-Corruption Bureau in Malawi, gave a heartfelt presentation of congratulations and encouragement. Ms. Chizuma also came from a humble beginning, from a similar community. She spoke of her early life as a young girl and how she worked hard to secure a future for herself through education.

Esther Kawale delivering a speech to the Kuwala Students.
Esther Kawale, Director on the Kuwala Malawian Board_2022. 
Martha Chizuma, Director of Malawi the Anti Corruption Bureau. Kuwala_2022.

The celebration ended with a luncheon, with the entire community of invitees eating and celebrating together.

No grad would be complete without food. Kuwala_2022

There is a humble African saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.” In this same way, there are entire communities in Malawi near Kuwala, villages of people who support, work, teach, mentor and pray for Kuwala. The purpose is to encourage hope for change and a better future for their girls and the next generations. There are donors and sponsors in communities in Canada and the USA who donate, support, pray for and encourage Kuwala and girls’ education in Malawi. Together, we are building futures and changing lives! The girls, teachers, staff and board members in Malawi and Canada wish to thank and encourage you to keep investing in Kuwala Christian Girls School. The graduating class of 2022 is the beginning of many bright futures, of girls ready to bring change to Malawi and ready to shine. We have 120 new students who need sponsorship.

Memory Mdyetseni and student Tamanda posing for a photograph with student award blanket.
Student, Tamanda received an achievement award from Memory Mdyetseni, Kuwala Malawian Board of Director with guest speaker Esther Kawale, also a Director on the Kuwala Malawian Board, in the background. Note: Blankets were given as awards of achievement. Kuwala_2022

All aboard, a trip to inspire

The Friday of August 19, 2022, shall remain in the memories of most of the 2022 graduating students of Kuwala Christian Girls School when their school management team gave them a trip to be exposed to the nearest town. The girls boarded a modern coachline bus to Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi. On their trip, the students discovered magnificent shopping centers, Malawi’s Kamuzu International Airport, the city’s main referral hospital, and three public tertiary institutions.

There’s nothing like a field trip to inspire the mind. Kuwala_2022.

On their trip, the students discovered magnificent shopping centers, Malawi’s Kamuzu International Airport, the city’s main referral hospital, and three public tertiary institutions.

Photo Op. in front of LUANAR teaching complex. Kuwala_2022. 

The girls were warmly welcomed by the University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR) administration and assigned some experts to brief them on various academic issues and activities taking place at the training institution.

One of the tertiary training centers under LUANAR management is Bunda College of Agriculture. The College is the only Malawian public university in the SADC region known for its innovations and research activities. At this College, Kuwala students toured an aquatic farming facility, livestock feed manufacturing industry, and experimental farming plots.

Students visiting one of the fish farms at LUANAR facility. Kuwala_2022.
Catfish in the hatchery. Kuwala_2022. 
Girls in the grow room with vegetables using water from the hatchery to add nutrients to the growing medium. Kuwala_2022. 

In addition to the training centers of LUANAR, Kuwala graduating students also visited Kamuzu College of Nursing and College of Medicine campuses.
The school management organized this exposure trip to enlighten the girls on other avenues they might have missed as they leave Kuwala. It also motivates the girls to work harder as they prepare for their national examinations. Yes, they graduate first but write their exams to receive a final mark.

Campus update

Following a busy week of graduation festivities for the Form 4 girls, Kuwala welcomed a new group of students who are excited to begin their studies for the new school year 2022/23. The girls and their parents participated in an orientation and a tour of the campus, followed by a luncheon.

Schools in Malawi take a short break in September. October 2022 marks the beginning of the new school year. The 2022-23 school year will see the return of 120 girls, spread out in four classes; Forms 1-4 (equivalent to our grades 9-12 in North America).

Construction update

Construction is moving along at a steady pace. The new classroom block and the first staff duplex are in the plastering stage, and wiring is being installed in the first duplex. The new power distribution house is almost complete. The foundation has begun on the maize millhouse, situated on the farmland beside the Kuwala campus.

Second classroom block, a construction worker uses a trowel to plaster the interior walls. Kuwala_2022.
Front view 1st duplex staffhouse. Kuwala_2022. 
Construction of the new powerhouse. Kuwala_2022. 

Maize grinder has arrived. 

The completed installation will include a small building to protect the grinder and electric motor assembly from the elements. After the corn is cleaned, the grinder is used to process the corn into maize flour. In Malawi, access to a maize grinder is difficult, costly, and time-consuming without reliable power and long travel distances. Currently, village women walk 5km one way with grain carried to be ground and then return. With regular power outages, they often show up, and the power is down, so they need to repeat. Having our maize program is a big win for them. 

Maize grinder waiting for foundation to be completed before installation can occur. Kuwala_2022.

Harvesting tomatoes

The end of August is the harvest of red ripe tomatoes! The farming supervisor, Innocent Mpasula harvested an abundance of greenhouse tomatoes. The students will enjoy many at Kuwala, and many will be shared and brought to the market!

The image was taken at the end of July in the campus greenhouse. Kuwala_2022

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