Kuwala Christian Girls School
| Written by: Justin Wiebe

Newsletter 1

Welcome to the first Newsletter Update for Kuwala Christian Girls School!займ на карту мгновенно круглосуточно займ

We appreciate your support and patience as we passionately work towards developing Kuwala Christian Girls School. Our newsletter will keep you updated on the exciting developments with the school and the students. Your enthusiasm and support is greatly impacting the rapid growth of the school and is greatly appreciated! “Kuwala” means “light” and the desire is for the light of God’s love in Jesus to shine to and through the girls at the school and beyond. Follow us and watch us grow! Shine Girls Shine!

OnSeptember 9th, Kuwala opened it’s doors to 60 girls! Most from rural areas and all from extremely poor socioeconomic backgrounds and from families experiencing extreme poverty. These girls are starting secondary school covering Forms 1-4 which is the equivalent of Grade 9-12. These girls have big dreams but their dreams will not come without struggle. All classes at Kuwala are taught in English. These girls have never had the opportunity to attend a nursery school, therefore, only started learning English in Primary school at the age of 6. They did not have parents to speak English at home, to help them learn at an early age or help them with school in their primary years. These girls have never experienced running water, have never been able to shower with warm water, have never used flushing toilets, nor have ever had a mattress to sleep on and a warm blanket. They have left the only family and home they have known to live together at the school where they will be safe to study, learn and grow to their full potential. It will be a struggle, but they are determined.

Kuwala Christian Girls School has adopted a curriculum that includes, English, Chichewa (local language), Math, Chemistry, Physics, Agriculture, Geography, Biology, Computer studies, History and Bible Knowledge. Physical Education is also offered as an extra curricular activity.

A weekday at Kuwala starts at 4:00 am. Bathing, cleaning rooms and making beds. Breakfast at 6:00 am is porridge made with maize flour, salt and sugar. Classes start at 7:10 am until 12:30 with a 20 minute break; lunch runs from 12:30 to 1:30 pm where the girls are eager to enjoy Nsima, a common food with beans.Classes then continue from 1:30 to 3:30. Activities after classes vary by the day; sports, story telling sessions as part of English learning, manual work and community services. All of the girls planted trees in the Fall and every student is  responsible to care and maintain up to 10 trees. Some of the girls have even taken to naming their trees as one way of showing love for the life they are responsible for. Study circle and clubs and societies are some of the other activities that take  place later in the week. Saturdays are reserved for Bible studies, academic studies, sports, laundry and traditional games and songs. Supper is always followed by a shower and study hall until 7:30 pm. Additional English classes provided by the teacher on campus follows until 8:30 pm. Then, they are free to self study until bedtime at 9:00 pm. 

As the girls are living in an environment without parents, it is important to have structure and their time scheduled. Sports time is a very exciting time for the girls as well as is visiting day! Once a month, the girls get to see their parents, hear stories from home and are excited to get a few additional groceries the parents bring with them.

Care and love…two of the experiences the girls receive at Kuwala. On Saturdays, a nurse visits the girls in their hostel, something they would never get at home. The teachers preach love, integrity and peace for the sake of growth. Many have said they want to become nurses when they finish school at Kuwala. These girls already have a brighter future!

Our $100.00/month ($1200.00/year) scholarship sponsors will receive a separate personalized email with a picture and profile of their student that will include a personalized letter written by your student. Further communication will continue throughout the year from the students to their sponsors. While we have made significant progress with our sponsorship program, we continue to have girls who require sponsors. Please feel encouraged to share this newsletter with friends and family or others who you feel would be interested to become involved as a supporter or student sponsor.

Project sponsorship opportunities are also welcome as we prepare to develop plans for a greenhouse, staff housing and increased enrollment.

If you have any questions or suggestions to enhance your relationship with Kuwala Christian Girls School, please respond to this email and we’ll do our best to help. Thank you for your encouragement, support and patience as we continue to grow, continue to learn and continue to impact the lives of girls with no other option in life; to educate and empower them and to deliver them out of poverty; giving them a chance to positively impact their families and communities.

Help us build a better future

We are always looking for partners to help us change the lives of girls through education helping them change the lives of their families and their communities. Join us by supporting our capital campaign as we build our school or as a scholarship sponsor for one of our future students.взять авто с пробегом в кредит