Kuwala Christian Girls School
Image of Kuwala chemistry class. Student is holding glassware.
Chemistry demonstration just before Malawi went into COVID-19 lockdown. Kuwala_2021
| Written by: Leslie Kinzel

The light always rises; darkness is temporary.

As the pandemic sweeps across Africa, the Malawian Government closed all schools at the beginning of February. On February 22, all schools reopened, allowing our girls to return with renewed excitement and learning readiness. During the lockdown, the girls returned to their homes in rural areas. These rural areas are more isolated, but the girls monitored themselves while at home. The Government has also extended the school year to ensure the girls complete all the required academics for the Term.

Image of raising the rafters in the Kuwala campus dining hall with girls underneath rafters.
Raising the rafters on the dining hall, Kuwala_2021
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Construction on the campus continued. The crew is presently working on the roof for the dining hall and the windows and doors. The new Hostel foundation and floor are curing, and the walls will be next, to be constructed, brick by brick.

Image of Kuwala teacher instructing the students in proper tree placement and spacing.
Kuwala teacher organizing the students on proper tree planting and spacing. Kuwala_2021
Image of Kuwala girls working in the orchid field.
Kuwala girls working in the orchid planting trees. Kuwala_2021

Kuwala is excited to be planting sweet potatoes in the outdoor gardens. The standard diet in Malawi is a porridge made from corn or rice. Having a meal with sweet potatoes will provide added nutrients to their diet. As the girls clear the weeds and growth around the trees, the compost from those scraps is heaped up and used for the sweet potato beds. The Orchard fruit trees have also been growing an abundance of lemons, guavas, mangos and peaches. After the rainy season, the greenhouse will begin replanting vegetables and tomatoes. Kuwala purchased a large freezer for the school, and now they can buy larger quantities of meat and keep processed fruits and vegetables for an extended length of time.

Image of grafted lemon tree in the orchid field.
An example of a grafted lemon tree

Getting to know the staff and students

Moses Chalera
Teacher of History, Bible Knowledge and Geography

Moses Chalera, Teacher_Kuwala_2021

Moses is the oldest of a family of five. While in Standard 4, he lived with his grandmother, where he completed secondary school through a sponsorship from the Roman Catholic Church’s MIC Sisters. Moses completed his University studies at Mzuzu University in Malawi through support from the Malawi Government.

In his words, Moses says, “Kuwala has a bright future; one can tell it is a Christian school from the beginning.” He sees potential in the students as Kuwala provides them with a better learning environment, spiritually and academically motivated. The students benefit from well-qualified and hardworking staff and teachers; in return, they learn the spirit of hard work. They are growing in a healthy environment because Kuwala provides them with a healthy diet. The girls are becoming a real help in their communities by teaching what they have learned at Kuwala.

Student at Kuwala

Image of Faith a Kuwala student in Form 3.
Faith, taken while she was arriving at the Campus. Many students have to travel to get to Kuwala. This is why we have dorms. It keeps the students in a learning environment and removes the family’s burden to pay for transportation. Kuwala_2021 

Faith is a student in Form 3 and is so happy to be studying and living at Kuwala. In her words, she says, “it is through the grace and mercy of my sponsor that I can learn and finish secondary school and continue my education.” Faith has a goal to become a Doctor. She wants to help sick people in hospitals and also give guidance and counselling about the importance of going to school. Faith also wants to help her family.

New partnership in Manitoba for international cooperation

We are delighted to report that in January 2021, Kuwala is a member of the Manitoba Council for International Cooperation. MCIC values are echoed in our charity: a just world, voices for change, and supporting each other to be global citizens.

Logo of Manitoba Council for International Cooperation
Illustration of a Global Citizen to support the Manitoba Council for International Cooperation.
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MCIC provides Kuwala with opportunities to engage with fellow Manitobans on various issues and approaches to international development, including the possibility of access to an annual grant for international development provided by the Province of Manitoba.

Through MCIC, Kuwala connects to numerous members that include many familiar development alliances and networks and thousands of Manitobans who support the vital vision of a just world as we strive towards achieving, for example, the sustainable development goals as set by the United Nations.

MCIC supports networking and capacity development in members and partners for more significant impact, engaging the public to be active global citizens, international cooperation through funding, and maintaining and strengthening organizational wellness.

Image of Kuwala girls in their uniforms waving.
Partnerships such as MCIC help us grow our network of support. Your continued donations enable us to provide educational excellence for girls in Malawi that otherwise would not receive an education. Kuwala_2021

We will continue to share future updates about Kuwala’s engagement with MCIC. For more information on the mission and vision of MCIC, please visit the website.

For those who wish to have a printed version of this newsletter, you can download a PDF version here.

Help us build a better future

We are always looking for partners to help us change the lives of girls through education helping them change the lives of their families and their communities. Join us by supporting our capital campaign as we build our school or as a scholarship sponsor for one of our future students.взять авто с пробегом в кредит