Kuwala Christian Girls School
Worker drilling hole in desk top cabinet in the science lab

The science lab is live.

The science lab is finished at Kuwala and is proving to be a state-of-the-art facility. It’s a science classroom uncommon in any secondary school in Malawi. Having a science lab at Kuwala puts the school at a better advantage, leading the way and being ahead of the public schools. 

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A field trip to explore the history and art of Malawi.

Educational field trips are vital to enhancing the education of the students at Kuwala. Exposing the students to events happening outside of rural village life allows them to appreciate all the opportunities that are available to them and will enable them to think outside the box, ask questions, see, hear and touch surroundings that are different from theirs and encourage them to want to learn and achieve more in their studies.

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Kuwala and the Community – Employment, Education and Paying it Forward

Rural villages surround Kuwala Christian Girls Secondary School, and we are excited to employ so many people from the local surrounding areas, including security personnel, cooks, groundskeepers, a plumber, an electrician, teachers, a nurse and administration. Initially built on 30 hectares of land, the school campus has grown to over 60 hectares and includes gardens, orchards, a maize mill, a sports field, housing and many hectares of farmland.

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We are beginning a new school year filled with possibilities, growth, and learning.

There is a wave of excitement, laughter and smiles as the students return to Kuwala! The new Form 1 students arrived first to get settled, become acquainted with the campus and teachers and have a few days of orientation. Now, they are ready to shine!

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Kuwala students in the water in Lake Malawi with empty pop bottles testing out the life jacket made with the empty bottles.

Fun in the sun, Lake Malawi

The Form 1 and 3 students enjoyed a year-end field trip to Kabumba Beach on Lake Malawi. For many of these girls, it was the first time outside their rural area and to a lake. The bus trip was buzzing with many conversations and laughter, and the anticipation of the day’s activities was exciting.

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