Kuwala Christian Girls School

The Maize Milling Centre is operational.

The Brook Family Maize Milling Centre opened, and the first villagers arrived to test it. Not only will the maize mill provide Kuwala with a means to produce flour to feed over 150 students, staff and workers, but it will provide much-needed relief to many surrounding communities that already support Kuwala.

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Martha a Kuwala student poses in front of a fruit tree in the orchard.

Learning English is essential.

When the girls arrive at Kuwala, their English is limited, but they quickly learn through guidance, teaching, and daily encouragement of oral and written practice. 

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Kuwala Netball team with centre student holding ball above her head.

We all play on game day

Time for some fun in February! Some students did not write exams and participated in a Sports Day with a nearby school. Our netball and football teams were ready to take on their opponents. There was a break in the rains, and the sun shone for a great day of activity and friendship building.

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Cholera outbreak in Malawi

The New Year should signify the students’ fresh start and the beginning of Term Two. Malawi, however, is suffering one of the worst Cholera outbreaks in decades.

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Delegates from the Canadian Team arrive in Malawi! It is a very Merry Christmas!

Kuwala students welcomed us with smiles, singing and laughter! The Campus shows school pride and expresses that everyone cares about the place they work and learn every day.

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