Kuwala Christian Girls School

International Women’s Day

In March, around the world, we recognized International Women’s Day. Together, we can celebrate the accomplishments at Kuwala Christian Girls School, where young girls are on their way to achieving an education that will lift them towards a better life. Thanks to you, this is happening!

If you educate a boy, you educate an individual. If you Educate a girl, you educate a community.

African Proverb

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Image of Kuwala chemistry class. Student is holding glassware.

The light always rises; darkness is temporary.

As the pandemic sweeps across Africa, the Malawian Government closed all schools at the beginning of February. On February 22, all schools reopened, allowing our girls to return with renewed excitement and learning readiness. During the lockdown, the girls returned to their homes in rural areas. These rural areas are more isolated, but the girls monitored themselves while at home. The Government has also extended the school year to ensure the girls complete all the required academics for the Term.

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Educating a Girl Educates a Nation.

Meet Esther Kawale, a Malawian who wanted to give back and empower girls in Malawi through education. She is currently a Board member with Kuwala Christian Girls School.

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Image of Kuwala Christmas card wishing everyone a year filled with light and hope

Oh what a year!

Kuwala Christian Girls School has continued to teach, build and grow during a year of challenges; a worldwide pandemic, drought, warmer than usual temperatures and famine in the school communities. Kuwala, meaning “light” in Chichewa, has been that; light is shining brightly for the 60 girls getting an education.

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Building futures one brick at a time.

Our next major campaign is to fund a second dorm on Campus. Our plan’s key component is to complete a 120 all-girl school with four grades of 30 students each. We are creating a quality, safe environment for learning. We believe educating girls is the strategy to break the cycle of poverty in Malawi. A donation goes a long way and will provide positive changes for decades. For some of the girls, it is their first experience sleeping on a mattress, having running water, indoor washrooms, showers, and electricity.

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