Kuwala Christian Girls School
Image of Kuwala Outside Easter Service
| Written by: Darryl Vanherksen

Spring has sprung

Kuwala celebrated an exceptional Easter Sunday! The students and staff were lead by a meaningful sermon from the Pastor, refreshments and an opportunity to gather in small groups. There was a special singing presentation from the girls, and everyone enjoyed a fresh-baked bun and a soft drink! These special events are a rare opportunity for the students.

Image of Kuwala students outside in the shade enjoying a soft drink.
Kuwala students enjoying a small get together outside with a soft drink. _2021
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An article in the Malawi News Nyasa Times (March 24, 2021) features a school in Malawi that converted a classroom block on the campus to a hostel to keep the girls motivated and concentrate on their school work. Many female students have long distances to travel to get to school, and many decide to leave and get married before finishing secondary school. Click Learn More to go to the news article.

Having the girls living on campus provides:

  • more opportunity to learn;
  • keeps them safer;
  • allows them to focus on their studies; and
  • thus reaching their full potential.

It is even more valuable as the girls on campus protect themselves from the ongoing Pandemic crisis. Although campus activities exclude organized team sports with other schools, the girls remain safe to continue learning and staying active.

From Science to Poetry.

Image of Kuwala students testing soil outside using new lab equipment.
Kuwala students using the new science lab equipment outdoors to test soil samples_2021

The staff and students are excited about the new science lab equipment. The girls also expand their English language and writing skills through writing poetry, stories, and singing songs.

Sabina wrote this beautiful poem titled “Kuwala The Great Changer,” and is a fine example of combining the Arts, English, and the Sciences in the curriculum.

Image of Sabina's handwritten poem.
Credit: Sabina, Kuwala Student_Poem_2021

Completing the Roof on the St. Peter’s Dining Assembly Hall

Image of St. Peter's Hall
St. Peter’s Dining + Assembly Hall super structure is complete. Approx. 50% of the windows are installed. We have come along way— 2021.

A secure and rugged metal roof is now on the St. Peter’s Dining Assembly Hall, and the tradespeople are making great progress to finish one of the most impressive buildings on campus! Students will soon be eating and meeting in this majestic structure!

St. Peter’s Assembly Hall construction crew_2021

Meet Evelyn, a student at Kuwala

Evelyn, Kuwala student, Using the new lab equipment in class_2021.

In her own words. Hello, I have a brother and two sisters. I want to go to secondary school because I want to add knowledge, and secondary school is a gate to college; I want to attend college. I am happy to be selected to participate at Kuwala, as are my parents. I am the first girl in my family to go to a secondary school; they are very proud of me and think my future will be bright. Kuwala meets my wishes and goals. My favourite activities are computer skills, science projects, planting trees and learning Math and English.

Image of Evelyn, a Kuwala student.
Evelyn, Kuwala student, image taken on campus grounds_2021.

At Kuwala, we celebrate with Christmas dinner every year, which makes us unite and celebrate in one accord as a school. In my future, I see myself opening an orphanage, helping orphans and helping my family. I enjoy reading novels, playing soccer and storytelling because each story helps me improve my vocabulary. I also attend Church services because I learn to love and respect others.

Meet Grace Kharis Chazeza, Christian educator, teaching English, Chichewa and Life Skills.

Grace Kharis Chazeza, Kuwala teacher at the black board teaching English_2021

In her own words. I grew up in my home village, did my primary school at Guilleme Girls Boarding School, High School at Atsikana Pa Ulendo Secondary School and my Bachelor of Education at Nkhoma University. I am so happy to work at Kuwala because I love serving my fellow girls, and being a girl who grew up in a rural area, I understand the challenges that girls from this class face. I like encouraging students to work very hard despite the challenges they are facing. The students are growing and becoming agents of change both spiritually and academically. They are hard-working, ready to learn and have a bright future for their communities and families.

Grace Kharis Chazeza, Kuwala teacher leading an aerobics class outdoors_2021

I supervise and look after the students in the Hostel, especially during evening studies. I teach sports, debate and writers club, and I am the Library teacher. In my community, I volunteer my time teaching little ones how to read and write. I also enjoy reading, writing short stories and dancing.

Kuwala Christian Girls School is a choice I would make, as there is enough security, suitable accommodation and students are taught good morals, with a quality education.

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Help us build a better future

We are always looking for partners to help us change the lives of girls through education helping them change the lives of their families and their communities. Join us by supporting our capital campaign as we build our school or as a scholarship sponsor for one of our future students.взять авто с пробегом в кредит