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Kuwala students outside throwing their grad caps in the air
| Written by: Kuwala Publications Team

Hats off, hope and success – all the best to Grad 2023!

Saturday, June 17, marked the Graduation Celebration at Kuwala, as the 26 students showcased their talents! Presentations of their poetry verses and spoken presentations highlighting the various subjects they studied this year also included the singing from the Class Choir and drama presentations of the girls’ career aspirations.

It was an unforgettable day, with plenty of smiles and laughter, warm hugs from parents and a grand banquet at the end of the ceremony!
Mwayi, on behalf of her classmates, gave a heartwarming message of thanks for the opportunity of a lifetime to achieve a secondary school education at Kuwala. She promised that the Class of 2023 would continue to work hard to excel in the forthcoming National Examinations. Our graduating students will write the National Examinations on June 27 and July 10-14.

Kuwala grad group of girls posing outside the classroom block.
2023 Grads are posing for a quick pic. Kuwala_2023
Mr. Noel Maganga at the microphone talking to audience.
Mr. Noel Maganga, Kuwala teacher giving a speech to the 2023 Grads. Kuwala_2023

Elymas Tembwe, Chairperson of the PTA, Noel Maganga, Acting Headteacher and Henry Mdyetseni, School Operations Director, all contributed the following congratulatory messages.

  • To the students to study well, take care of themselves during the holiday, and stay focused and patient for their examination results, which could lead to better opportunities and brighter futures.
  • To the parents to encourage their daughters to continue their studies and stay busy at home.
  • To the Canadian Board of Directors and donors, thank you for the support, vision and teamwork in the continuous improvement of Kuwala.
Dr. Jean Mtenthiwa at the microphone speaking to the 2023 Grads in the St. Peter's Assembly Hall.
Dr. Jean Mtenthiwa is a Senior Lecturer at Lilongwe University of Science Technology Kuwala_2023.

The Guest of Honor, Dr. Jean Mtenthiwa, is a Senior Lecturer at Lilongwe University of Science Technology holding a Ph.D. in Water and Irrigation Engineering. She has also served as the Principal of Natural Resources College at the same university. Dr. Mtenthiwa encouraged the students by explaining and justifying how educating a girl child is essential in Malawi. She also explained how even from a humble background, girls can excel in academics.
She encouraged the students to have role models in their life and always follow their ambitions. She advised the parents to continue caring for their daughters so that their local communities can enjoy the fruits of educating these girls at Kuwala.

For a photo gallery of your 2023 grads, download the print version of the newsletter in the link at the bottom of this communication.

On the ground.

Innocent outside sowing seeds in the raised bed surrounded by trees.
Kuwala’s farm manager, Innocent, is sowing tomato seeds in a raised bed. Kuwala_2023

This month Innocent, the farm manager, improved the nursery beds and built-in platforms to protect from erosion using different soils mixed with enriching the crops. Farm Manager Innocent has become very creative in farming practices and developing irrigation lines to keep hydrating the crops in the ground. Kuwala has also initiated planting pine trees and walkway hedges to protect the ground crops and add to the beauty of an ever-expanding campus. There is a constant increase in the volume of tomatoes grown in the greenhouse and gardens. Innocent has developed a way to stake them higher for more excellent production. Last month, the cyclone that ripped through Malawi devastated the communities’ tomato crops. Fresh tomatoes are a crucial component of the Malawian diet, eaten fresh with almost every meal. Tomato prices rose 20 times the current price, so this is an important crop for Kuwala. The Campus continues to expand tomato crops and has added ground and raised crop beds to the already abundant produce grown in the greenhouse. This is just one example of how the school prepares and anticipates the constant changes affecting the climate in Malawi.

In the community and on the Campus.

Student candidates siting on lawn of Campus outside the classroom block waiting for their interview.
Girls from different schools have come to attend oral interviews after passing written entrance examinations for Kuwala scholarships. Kuwala_2023. 

A group of Kuwala students and teachers attended a community Worship Event at the Bingu International Conference Center in Lilongwe. What an excellent opportunity for the girls to be exposed to the big city life and interact with other students from other school communities. The students enjoyed a tour of the Lilongwe city center and were so impressed by the tall buildings! Gospel music, prayers and testimonies from other students about the value of education, our girls left knowing that no matter how hard life can be, they can still achieve their goals.

Form 2 students have gone home for the holiday break and have been given Form 3 activities for homework. Before the break, Form 2 students are encouraged by the administration to practice small business thinking, like teaching the community children on topics such as reading and gardening. Form 3 girls, however, are still in school. The teachers will follow up with each of them to provide additional support to further their studies.

Oral interviews took place over a few days with those applicants who wrote an entrance exam for enrollment to Kuwala. Through questions and discussion, finding students eager to work hard and stay on the course for four years at Kuwala is vital.

Student profile: Meet Sharon, Form 1 student.

Sharon, a Kuwala student is in the library putting back a math workbook on the shelf.
Of all the subjects offered at Kuwala, Sharon enjoys math’s challenge. Kuwala_2023.
Sharon in the computer lab typing on a PC laptop with headphones on.
Sharon at the computer listening to an English lesson. Kuwala_2023

I am Sharon; before Kuwala, I lived with my mother and stepfather. I am excited to achieve an education at Kuwala because it is a school only for girls, and I will learn to cooperate with different people. I enjoy sports, biology, chemistry, English, mathematics, Chichewa and farming in the gardens. I enjoy reading novels and short stories because they help me learn to read and speak English.

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