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Canadian delegates visit beautiful Malawi!

Canadian Board Delegates Enjoy Inspirational Visit to Kuwala: A Celebration of Education, Talent, and Unity. The Canadian Board delegates embarked on an awe-inspiring journey during their remarkable three-day visit to Kuwala.

From Left to Right: Mark Kinzel – Canadian board member; Henry Mdyetseni – Malawian Director; Leslie Kinzel – Canadian delegation; Memory Mdyetseni – Malawian Director. Kuwala_2023.

The Canadian Board delegates embarked on an awe-inspiring journey during their remarkable three-day visit to Kuwala. This charming Campus proved to be a polished and proud showcase of exceptional learning, heartwarming melodies, and remarkable talent. The day began with the reverent recitation of the Lord’s Prayer, the students, with their energetic voices, joyfully burst into song, filling the air with a sense of unity and joy. These songs, composed specifically for Kuwala, echoed the resounding sentiment that “Kuwala is the best education school!”

Student beside heart poster that is hand drawn showing the internal structure with labels indicating the parts.
Student presenting the heart as the organ that powers the circulatory system. Kuwala_2023

Throughout the eventful day, students from all Forms took center stage, captivating the audience with an impressive array of presentations. They skillfully demonstrated their passion for knowledge through captivating science experiments, live poetry readings, and engaging individual lessons. The topics covered spanned a wide range of subjects, including History, Mathematics, Biology, Geography, English, Agriculture, Computer Studies, and Chemistry. The students’ presentations were nothing short of remarkable, encompassing enlightening tutorials on diverse subjects such as creating spreadsheets, understanding the intricacies of blood flow through the human heart, summarizing the World Wars, solving complex equations, and showcasing numerous captivating science demonstrations.

Two Kuwala students with a bunsen burner in the foreground and the second student working a mortar and pestle.
Students conduct chemistry experiments in class with teachers and parents looking on. Kuwala_2023

The morning session drew to a close with a heartwarming rendition of both National Anthems, symbolizing the harmonious spirit and unity between the visiting Canadian Board delegates and the talented students of Kuwala. This joint display of patriotism and respect was a powerful reminder of the strong bonds that education and shared values can forge between nations.

The delegates departed Kuwala with a deep appreciation for the remarkable achievements of the students and the incredible dedication of the school’s faculty. The visit not only showcased the outstanding educational environment that Kuwala provides but also left an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of all fortunate enough to witness this exceptional display of talent and unity.

All in a day’s hard work.

Kuwala Maize Mill with Princess the Mill Manager (far left with Mark Kinzel and villagers showing milled maize. Kuwala_2023

It was a day of showcasing excellence! The students were beaming with confidence and huge smiles! Their hard work and days of study and preparation brought tears to our eyes and a standing ovation! All the girls are growing to become confident and proud leaders!
The campus tour included a trip to the Maize mill and a demonstration of the Mill for a few community families. Princess, a returning student who graduated from Kuwala last year, taught children in her village before accepting a position to run the Maize mill at Kuwala. She assists with the maize grinding machine, collects a small fee from the villagers and completes a ledger of the production at the Mill. The villagers bring maize and soy, which they ground into flour. The women of the villages are so thankful for the Mill, saving them hours and hours of walking or riding bikes loaded down with vast sacs of maize.

A walk about on the farm.

Left: Henry Mdyetseni-Malawian Director, and Mark Kinzel-Canadian Board Member inspecting the farm. Kuwala_2023

Day 2 had us up very early for a long drive to the campus through challenging and washed-out roads. We needed to tie up our hiking shoes for a walk around the campus and a long walk around the entire perimeter of the Farm. The drive took us through the local villages near the school, and it was so exciting to see the tree seedlings growing that the Kuwala students had planted. The first crop of maize is healthy and robust and begins to be stored for future grinding at the Mill for food at the school. Between areas planned for crops, rows and rows of avocados, sweet potatoes, ground nuts, mangos and bananas are being planted. The Farm’s perimeter is being produced with hundreds of trees and elephant grass to protect the land and provide a natural, organic fence around the property. Garden beds are everywhere on campus, and the girls are learning how to plant, tend and protect the crops through agriculture. There is a growing appreciation for how they can change their circumstances and improve their lives. They see beauty, detail and growth right before their eyes. Colourful zinnia flowers are growing in the nursery and beautifying the classrooms’ walkways. The orange trees are being planted in the orchard to complement and expand the variety of fruit trees growing at Kuwala. The landscape is lush, maturing and beautiful.

Entrance exams for the new cohort of students this fall.

Student candidates seating on the floor waiting to write their entrance exams.
Teachers: Mr. Maganga and Mr. Chikafa (background) are making a sitting plan for student candidates in the St. Peter’s Assembly Hall. Kuwala_2023.
Parents of the student candidates gather outside the campus with motorbikes in the background.
The student candidates’ parents gather outside the Kuwala Campus gates as the girls write their entrance exams. Kuwala_2023

At the end of April, students, teachers, staff and the community enjoyed a celebration service of prayers, singing and fellowship.
Form 1 Entrance exams took place on May 20th. Four hundred fifty girls from the surrounding area arrived to participate in the exam and profile for the potential to move to an interview spot and for enrollment for the 2023-24 school year. All six classrooms and the St. Peter’s Assembly Hall were full of applicants. Teaching and learning continue in preparation for Term 3 midterm exams evaluations and parent visiting day.

Biogas installation is up and collecting gas.

The Biogas installation is now functioning and collecting gas. Kuwala_2023

Our Biogas project is starting to accumulate gas and will soon be operating to run the stoves in the kitchen. The future expansion of this project will help provide gas to run appliances and hot water for the staff houses, reducing the need for unreliable electricity from the Grid.

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