Kuwala Christian Girls School
| Written by: Leslie Kinzel

Green and growing.

Nov. 26th, 2021

With climate change being a topic of considerable discussion world-wide and countries such as Malawi are working to understand the impact, students and groundskeepers at Kuwala have been working to improve the campus in sustainable ways. Over 600 trees have been planted, and the girls each tend to a plot of trees and shrubs. As the landscape develops, the tree canopy provides welcome shade and protection from the wind and the rain.

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Kuwala student's watering hearty outdoor plants on the exterior of the greenhouse. Ready for transplanting.
Kuwala students watering outdoor garden next to the greenhouse on campus. Kuwala_2021

The greenhouse plants are thriving, and the Campus is adding to the fruit trees in the Orchards. The outdoor gardens are ready for the upcoming rainy season. A variety of new vegetables will be sowed, including plants from the mustard family. 

Large group of Kuwala students in the new greenhouse smiling and waving.
A big thank-you to our sponsor for the new greenhouse, this is a great teaching moment and a very practical gift . Kuwala_2021

Kuwala is creating a genuine love and appreciation for growing plants and planting trees among the staff and students. This is huge… Girls are learning to see trees as more than fuel for cooking, rather to manage trees as a precious resource. 

A quick update on the soccer pitch; grass is growing on the field and entrance grounds around the buildings. The grass keeps the dust under control and provides a hearty covering to keep the grounds and walkways from becoming too muddy and difficult to walk on and minimize the run off of valuable soil when the rains arrive.  

Malawi’s rainy season typically begins in November and will run through December. Kuwala is turning its campus into an oasis of growth, simply by caring for it and letting it grow, demonstrating what Africa really can be.

Summers are very hot and there are few places for the girls to escape the heat. Trees provide natural relief due to the shade they offer. Eventually these trees will provide shade for our buildings as well. Our campus went from barren to tall trees in only a few years.  We cannot wait to see what another five years bring to the greening of the campus.

Our community outreach is working.

The students provided community outreach this month to three elders in the surrounding village. The girls cleaned their homes and fetched water.

Kuwala litter free project.

Kuwala students in the orchard cleaning up litter and trash.
Kuwala students rounding up trash on the school grounds using old cement bags leftover from the construction site. Kuwala_2021

The girls are also learning to appreciate and place value in the upkeep of their living environment; this month, the Campus started the Kuwala Litter Free Project, where the Students were separated into teams to clean up the surrounding Campus grounds. The trash that is combustible was then burned on site in a brick oven. They are learning to respect their elders and take care and pride in themselves and their surroundings.

Meet Desire, a Kuwala student.

Close up of Kuwala Student Desire in school uniform with tie and yellow dress shirt.
Desire, Kuwala student_2021.

In her own words…

Hello, my name is Desire. I have two brothers and a sister. I wanted to go to secondary school because I have a goal to achieve my career as a nurse. I was very excited, and family members were also happy that I was selected to a attend a volunteer boarding Christian school. They had hoped that I will be safe. My favourite learning activity is computer studies skills and planting trees because I like the environment and now computer skills will help me know more things. I enjoy living on Campus because they provide good meals, using a shower when bathing as it is my first time. Speaking English makes me feel proud of Kuwala. I enjoy storytelling sessions because it helps me improve my English grammar, and I learn and practice more words. I enjoy sports activities because they do make my body strong and healthy. My hobbies are reading short stories, novels and playing netball.

It’s starting to look at lot like Christmas at Kuwala.

Kuwala Christmas party. Note: Santa is Rev. Chisenga of Nsaru C.C.A.P Church. Don’t tell the kids. Kuwala_2021

The girls will go home for a break from the end of November to the beginning of January. As we feel our winter approaching in North America, this is the school summer break in Malawi. The staff and students celebrated with an early Christmas dinner and festive activities. Reverend Chisenga presented a Christmas message, focusing on the real meaning of Christmas and what it means to be humble. The guest speaker spoke to the girls about striving for a good attitude and positive behaviour in life. Father Christmas provided treats for all the students. After the girls leave for break, the Campus and staff will welcome the girls coming from the surrounding villages to interview for Forms 2 and 3, which we refer to as Grade 10 and 11.

A colourful start to the Christmas break.

Kuwala students carrying very colourful patterned luggage balanced on their head. Colourful bags must be a Malawi thing.
Kuwala students balancing luggage on their head — going home for the holiday break. Kuwala_2021

What’s happening in 2022?

In 2022, Kuwala are planning for 120 registered students at the Campus comprising  four-forms. If you have been following the growth and development of our first 60 girls over the last few years; these girls will graduate next September. So the future at Kuwala looks bright. Kuwala expects to graduate a class of form-4 each year while
welcoming a new form-1 to the Campus.

Construction update.

Tradesperson working with drill and screwdriver to install lighting in St. Peter's Assembly hall ceiling.
St. Peter’s Assembly Hall installation of T8 fluorescent lighting in the ceiling. Kuwala_2021

St. Peter’s Assembly Hall is fast becoming the jewel of the Campus. Even before construction is complete the building is having a huge impact to hold large and small community events where all the students and teachers can meet. 

Installation of LNG tanks for Kuwala Kitchen at the back of the St. Peter’s Assembly Hall.
LNG tank installation with safety cage. St. Peter’s Assembly Hall will have a complete commercial kitchen. Kuwala_2021

Christmas campaign is in full swing.

With the end of the year fast approaching, we are launching the Kuwala Christmas Campaign for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  Facebook and Instagram have a casual look while Linkedin and Twitter is more formal. Look for the posts on your favourite social channel and be sure to like, share, and repost. 

The published links will expire on 23-Dec-2021. Feel free to download and post to your favourite social media channel. Each digital asset has been optimized for that channel’s post. 

Kuwala girl with marketing message, Are you struggling with client gifts?
Example of what the Twitter or Linkedin digital asset looks like. Kuwala_2021

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Facebook post advertising Take credit, give credit. Donate in the name of a friend or family member and receive a charitable receipt.
Example of the Facebook post digital asset. The Instagram will look similar with same message. Kuwala_2021

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We are always looking for partners to help us change the lives of girls through education helping them change the lives of their families and their communities. Join us by supporting our capital campaign as we build our school or as a scholarship sponsor for one of our future students.взять авто с пробегом в кредит