Kuwala Christian Girls School
Image of Trogon Boot Factory employee showing off a boot made in Malawi, Africa

A Partnership from Down Under

It all started with an email inquiry from a business owner in Australia, looking for more of the story about Kuwala Christian Girls School. Over a few virtual calls and emails, Kuwala Christian Girls School is excited to partner with hey sousou, an online footwear retailer from Adelaide, South Australia. We had the opportunity to meet and chat online with Elli Nicola, a secondary school teacher and small business owner, and work towards building a partnership for her company and Kuwala Christian Girls School. Here is her story…

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Image of McSensio Family

A return to a lifestyle of learning

As the students settled into a comfortable rhythm of classwork and dorm living on the Kuwala campus, so too did acting Headmaster McSensio Raphael and his family. After moving into the staff house, the family connected with friends and a church in the area. Their youngest daughter in Grade 3 will be attending the Pre-School not far from Kuwala.

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