Kuwala Christian Girls School

Building futures one brick at a time.

Our next major campaign is to fund a second dorm on Campus. Our plan’s key component is to complete a 120 all-girl school with four grades of 30 students each. We are creating a quality, safe environment for learning. We believe educating girls is the strategy to break the cycle of poverty in Malawi. A donation goes a long way and will provide positive changes for decades. For some of the girls, it is their first experience sleeping on a mattress, having running water, indoor washrooms, showers, and electricity.

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Image of McSensio Family

A return to a lifestyle of learning

As the students settled into a comfortable rhythm of classwork and dorm living on the Kuwala campus, so too did acting Headmaster McSensio Raphael and his family. After moving into the staff house, the family connected with friends and a church in the area. Their youngest daughter in Grade 3 will be attending the Pre-School not far from Kuwala.

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